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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 29, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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directly, my administration is going to stand with you and fight alongside you until the job is done. until new orleans is all the way back. all the way. >> the president spoke at xavier university in new orleans. cnn white house correspondent, dan lothian, is traveling with the president. dan, the president vowed the administration, the work is simply not done. >> that's right. and you know, another theme that we also heard from the president, in addition to that is, last time he was here, then-senator obama, he talked about the faye failures and the neglect of the federal government. well this time again, he also criticized the bush administration for shameful breakdown in government that left a lot of people not only in this city, but across the region alone. the president making the resolve that his administration would not do that. they would make sure that all the resources are brought do this region. the president also did point out
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that some serious challenges remain. >> i don't have to tell you that there's still too many vacant and overgrown lots. there's still too many students attending classes in trailers. there's still too many people unable to find work. and there's still too many new orleans folks who haven't been able to come home. so while an incredible amount of progress has been made, on this fifth anniversary, i wanted to come here and tell the people of this city directly, my administration is going to stand with you and fight alongside you until the job is done. until new orleans is all the way back. all the way. >> now fredricka, just by the president coming here, many people feel it's an important victory. because there is a sense among some, that for people across the country, there's katrina fatigue. a lot of people may have forgotten about the struggles
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still here in this area. and so by the president coming here, they believe that he's been able to shine a very bright spotlight on an ongoing recovery process. >> dan, meantime it's going to be a very busy week. the president talking iraq, shifting gears on tuesdayments and you'll be traveling back to washington with the president as well today? >> we head back tonight. it really will be an important week for the president, focusing on iraq. the major speech from the oval office that will happen. and later in the week, middle east peace talks in washington. on iraq, what the administration says the president will be focused on is saying, listen, the president, when he was then campaigning said he would wind down the combat mission in iraq. and now this is what he will be doing. he'll be making announcement, not as a celebration, mission accomplished, but as a milepost, a very important milepost. and the president will also make in his remarks, the case that
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there's still a lot of working to done there. there's still 17 months or so that u.s. troops will remain on the ground. they'll be assisting the iraqi forces in any way possible. they want to make sure that by the time that u.s. troops pull out of iraq, they're capable of handling their own security. you'll hear those themes when the president makes that address to the nation this week. >> dan lothian, traveling with the president from new orleans. while the president was in new orleans, no doubt he noticed many signs of progress and still many lingering symbols of devastation. especially in the lower ninth ward section of the city. and that's where we find cnn's don lemon, this day was marked in so many different ways. right there in the neighborhood, right? >> yes. in the neighborhood there was a second line celebration, if you want, to remember the fifth-year anniversary, a little bit earlier here. that's happening all over the city. fred, can i give you a tour, a little bit? remember the lower ninth ward, everyone knows what happened. remember the levee that broke,
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there's the repaired levee back there, the big cement block thing that you see. that is the levee that broke. and had so much water fill this particular neighborhood. we're going to walk here and give you a little bit of a tour. around the corner of tennessee and peruer street here in the lower ninth ward. this is where the brad pitt homes are, the make it right foundation, they've been doing so much work on these homes here. i think it's interesting, fred, just to show the viewers what's happening here. it does not look like this all over new orleans, as you know, you've been here, you've been reporting it, you've been on the ground this is a symbol of what new orleans could look like, and probably should look like. and you know, before this, if you'd ever been to new orleans, you would know that the homes were stacked, they were little postage-stamp lots, homes next to each other. and now there are the new homes being built, energy-efficient homes, most of them by brad pitt's foundation. for the most part, all of new orleans does not look like this. you see this, it says katrina five years later.
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this is a photo exhibit that has been going around the country. i think they were in houston before this. we're going to go inside and stalk to them. stanley kadir. both of you guys are photographers and you started this. you're stanley and you're khadir. you've been doing this since the storm, since 2005? >> we arrived here seven days after the hurricane and we just started to document. and you know, we usually cover crises and we were quite shocked by what we saw. >> talk to us about these photographs. that we're looking at. go on, jerry and get some of the shots of the photographs, because they're very dramatic. and if you have any questions, jump in here and i'll ask them to the guys. number one, i'm fascinated they would exhibit here to the lower ninth. >> -- hang on, say again, fred? >> i'm fascinated that they would bring this exhibit right to the lower ninth where people, they've lived it, they know it. the significance of why they wanted to do this. >> she said she's fascinated that you would bring this to the
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lower ninth, the significance here. why did you bring it right to the lower ninth? >> well, we've been following this for five years. and we are both photojournalists. we strongly believe that had is not just a remembrance. this is also to raise attention that this is still happening. i have followed a number of family who is are still displaced in houston. i followed them for three years, they cannot come back. so that is, it's very important for us to bring to the communities, but to also show, to the public, the general public, which might not be aware. >> you were in houston before this. and where else do you plan, have you been and do you plan to take this? >> well the problem is, we're able to bring it to new orleans, but we weren't able to get enough funding to be able to bring it like for example to atlanta, new york, washington. so, but by the generosity of osi, which is open society, who gave us the money to do the project, we're able to bring it here and we really felt it was important to bring it here. >> i think it's fascinating that you have this. they've got the exhibit here and it's on a projector.
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projecting some of the photographs that you see here on the walls. how has it been received? >> people are blown away. i mean it's, it's -- show on wheels. you know. >> and we were, we were afraid of houston. because obviously for houstonian, this is quite far away. katrina, five years ago. but people were, a lot of people came and said that they just didn't know. >> well, good luck. it's a beautiful, beautiful exhibit and it's a traveling exhibit. you know, how often do you see that. especially when it comes to something like hurricane katrina. let's walk back out here. >> while you're walking, you mentioned earlier the second line and how symbolic it was for people to feel like they were burying katrina, but at the same time celebrating life after the fact. we now have that video. so give me an idea, kind of paint a picture for me, based on the video of what we can see about what this really about and how you stumbled upon it. >> this was a man who lived in
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the neighborhood and he lost his family. when you're in new orleans, you know, you have, you have funerals and you have weddings and all of this. and all of it involves a parade. and second-lining and celebrating. so while you're sad that someone has died. you celebrate their life and that's what the music and second-lining is all about. that's how that came about. a man here, who lost his home and some of his family members decided you know, on this fifth anniversary, we're going to have a second-line celebration. that's what you're seeing here. this morning, fred, i told you earlier, i was in the french quarter, a second line as well. they had a preacher who you know, named himself, he said, no more excuses and they said they were burying everything that has to do with katrina. and this is a block party. robert greene is one of the residents here. he's having a block party today. he's also letting the media come in and use his home as sort of a base camp. because i mean to be very honest with you, sometimes you know, people get upset with the media, they think you're intruding, people here love what the media
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did to help new orleans. so they are very inviting. >> helped to expose. >> everybody is very welcoming. and as my family used to say growing up here, people would come over to my house, the first thing you would ask them, what do you want to eat, what do you want to drink? if you can't go home, you've had two much to drink, you sleep on the floor and cover with the door. >> there's always lots of food, thanks to mom. >> every christmas, mom with the gum bo and everybody is very happy and well fed. >> don lemon coming to us from the lower ninth ward. kind of a slice of how people are marking this fifth anniversary post katrina. and now, a katrina recovery story brought to us by cnn ireporters. these are people just like you. armed with cameras and cell phone who is documented past and present images of katrina's destruction and recovery. take a look.
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>> everything was gray. just like when you saw after 9/11. where you know, the streets were all gray. it was, you couldn't find any greenery. nobody. no one coming down the street, it was very eerie. very eerie to be just in the silants. that's what i remember. is just being so quiet. >> there's nothing really changed. like you have an overturn car in the middle of the street. yeah, we moved that, but that's it. i mean like i said, the people are not coming back. you don't see the commerce is like some parts of the city are still like a ghost town. it's just a reality that you have to reach like hey, this is how we live. this is what we have to deal with. >> in the photo with the shrimp boat that is going a little ways into the house.
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where that boat came from, i don't know. but it's at the end of a street close to a levee, which right on the other side, is a body of water. so i don't know where this boat came from, but it certainly didn't belong on the street. >> this was a picture of a church, basically right behind me, across the street. it was a two-story church with this huge set of stairs going up to it. and it collapsed sometime during the storm, so it was collapsed when i came back. and basically, the whole site has been cleared since and now just the stairs are there. >> i'm hoping now that people will realize they have what number it is, how many died in mississippi, how many died in the lower ninth ward. you'll get to see, it wasn't just that weekend or those few months. you know, it continues. you know, people are still affected by what happened.
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looking ahead to the week in politic, we learn it's all about the number, we get more from cnn political director, paul steinhauser. the going into overtime. incumbent senator lisa murkowsky trails joe miller by 1500 votes with thousands of absentee votes still to be counted. miller was a longshot but got a huge boost from endorsement from sarah palin. and lots of help from the tea party express. the same night, tuesday night, president barack obama goes on primetime national television, to deliver an address from the oval office on the iraq war. the speech coincides with the official end of america's military combat mission in iraq and friday, arguably the most important economic number in politics right now, we'll find out the august unemployment rate as the labor department releases a monthly jobs report. fred? >> thanks so much, paul, in addition, this week marks the official end of u.s. combat
5:16 pm
operations in iraq and the start of operation new dawn in iraq. it's the next phase for u.s. troops after seven years of fighting. cnn's arwa damon is in baghdad where things are markedly different right now. >> this is baghdad's marketplace you can get just about anything here, although it is mostly electronics. under saddam hussein, what you would find was basic, fairly straightforward. but with the u.s.-led invags, the marketplace was flooded with high-tech products that iraqis had been basically deprived of during dictatorship and sanctions. >> translator: everything was banned before, we didn't even have mobile phones and satellite tv. almost immediately after the fall of the regime, restrictions were lifted. he says dvd players usted to be best sellers but now it's car accessories. under the previous regime, a number items were banned,
5:17 pm
including cell phones. now you have these search mirrors. now the man who owns this shop was telling us he began selling them around two weeks ago because of an increase in demand. and they're basically used to search underneath vehicles for things like magnetic bombs. shops like this one exist throughout baghdad. selling pirated dvds, something of a novelty. but also now, a main source of entertainment for most iraqis. the invasion did open up the marketplace, bringing in new technology. for those who can afford it. but for many, the economic benefits have been overshadowed by the war. arwa dalen, cnn, baghdad. and president obama will be talking about the changes in iraq during his address to the nation tuesday night. you can see it here live on cnn at 8:00 eastern. there's a new plan to reach the trapped chilean miners that could cut their expected rescue time in half. or 60 to 0?
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a look at the top stories now. thousands of people were sforsed to flee their homes when a long-dormant volcano rumbled to life in indonesia, mount
5:21 pm
sinnabung had been quiet for 100 years before spewing volcanic ash. experts say a major eruption is unlikely. and the u.s. says extremists have threatened aid workers helping flood victims in pakistan. pakistani official says they're not aware of any such threats, but are offering to provide security, if needed. there have also been complaints about the slow pace of aid in some areas. at least 17 million people is been displaced by the flooding. and officials in chile say 33 trapped miners may soon be able to talk directly to their family members for the first time. a communication line is being set up today, the miners have been sending written messages to rescuers for several days now. and in his weekly message today, pope benedict xvi said he's
5:22 pm
praying for the miners and their families. as cnn's carl penhall reports rescuers are considering an option that could speed up the rescue process. >> reporter: this is the san jose copper and gold mine high in the chilean desert. deep below, this is refuge 33. the name 33 miners have given the shelter where they've been trapped for more than three weeks after a cave-in. rescue workers drag equipment into place. they plan to begin drilling a hole monday to a depth of about 700 meters or 2300 feet. first of all, a guide drill will go down and then a wider hole will be dug about shoulder-width to pull the men up. that initial plan, plan a, is
5:23 pm
expected to take as long as four months. but now, engineers say they may have another plan. plan be. that could get the miners out in half the time previously estimated. using a faster drill normally used for boring water holes. >> we don't want to pin down a timeframe, but we think this could be quicker than plan a. in ideal conditions, we think it could take about two months. but government mining minister said it was not certain that plan b would work and urged caution. we don't want to create expectations beyond what is reasonable, he said. families have mounted a constant vigil for their loved ones at a tent village called camp hope. at the weekend, chilean folk
5:24 pm
group known for supporting working-class causes played an impromptu gig. ♪ ♪ night falls, but the rescue effort continues round the clock. and on a barren hillside overlooking the mine, relatives light a candle for men fighting to stay alive far underground. carl penhall, cnn, san jose mine, northern thil cle. we've seen communities rebuild from the ground up in the years since hurricane katrina hit. a lot of kids have grown up along the way. we'll catch up with some of them, straight ahead. room for eight and all sorts of space behind the third row. they just thought of everything. it just feels like a really solid car. that should come in handy. it's the chevrolet summer event and anyone can get the traverse they want. nah-uh... this one's mine.
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basic.? preferred. okay. at meineke i have options, and 50% off brake pads and shoes. my money. my choice. my meineke. now back to the five-year mark of hurricane katrina. when the category three storm slammed into the gulf coast, the
5:28 pm
federal emergency management agency says it was the ingall-most catastrophic disaster in u.s. history. killing 1700 people, nearly 1800 peel. well president obama spoke today in new orleans, which suffered, massive flooding after the levees broke. he praised the city's residents for their recovery efforts and promised continued federal help. he said a new fortified levee system will be completed by next year. experiencing one of the nation's worst natural disasters through the eyes of teenagers, is what cnn's soledad o'brien and filmmaker spike lee set out to do when they gathered their children of the storm. today we revisit some of these young adults. >> you see we have a very diverse group here. and you've each been given a camera. >> three years ago, we gave kids in new orleans a chance to document their lives in the aftermath of katrina.
5:29 pm
>> my name is amanda. >> our children of the storm pointed their cameras at friends, family members and themselves to capture the long road it recovery. amanda hill lived in one of the worst-hit areas. >> i live in a fema trailer with my grandma. i live with my grandma because my mom died when i was 11. >> i'm opening a letter from fema. saying that we can, we have to try to move out of this trailer. they're trying to get us out of here to be put in that house and the house is not even livable. it's not even ready to live in. >> the effects of the storm were taking a toll on her grandmother's health. >> i love you. >> i love you, too. >> i'm scared that i'm going to lose her. and she's all i have. >> all i can say was, it's going to be okay. when i don't think it is.
5:30 pm
>> if god's willing and the creek doesn't rise again, may 2012, i'll graduate from lsu hsc school of nursing, i'm pretty excited about that. my grandma is still working and she'll, i'll let her retire when i graduate, i'll take care of her now. >> you, sir, if you can hear me, we are marching because the violence has gone too far. >> when we met deshawn dabny, he was a high school senior fighting against the crime and violence nolence infect his cit. >> senseless acts of violence are murdering our teenagers. >> i don't want to be dead at 15 when i have a whole life to live. i have dreams, i want to be this huge entertainer. >> this is my high school diploma. my grandmother actually died a few months right before my graduation. so when i walked across the stage and received this, it was
5:31 pm
pretty much in honor of her. >> so grandma, this is for you. >> i've been trying to live off my dream with the whole theater thing. i'm a theater of arts major here at dillard university and i've been pushing to get the big role. i still haven't gotten a big huge one yet. but the train is still keep going up some stairs. so hopefully, that will happen. >> you wouldn't believe the man looks just like his daddy. i'm too proud. >> and then there was brandon franklin. our 19-year-old father, trying to get his music career off the ground. >> now who we have here? this is my, i'm going to say my second daddy. i can't even call him a band director, my second daddy, named mr. willbert rawlins. >> he was training since the eighth grade, he wanted to be a band director. >> how you think life going to
5:32 pm
turn out now? >> good. >> how good? >> very good. >> yeah. >> man, there's so many people that are missing brandon franklin right now, it's ridiculous. brandon came in a our lives, he not only touched my life, he touched so many other people's lives. >> earth to earth, ashes to ashes. >> this nice guy lost his life, you know, due to same violence that i was fighting and still am fighting today. you know, it's just terrible. >> wow, some incredible low points and high points, a lot of those young kids have experienced in the past five years. to find out more about the ongoing efforts still under way to rebuild and recover from hurricane katrina, and how you can make a difference, visit our impact your world page at meantime, when we talk about the five-year marker for
5:33 pm
hurricane katrina, there are still a couple other hurricanes and weather systems out in the atlantic that always get people very nervous and concerned, jackie, especially this time of year as we head into peak hurricane season. three different systems that we're watching hurricane danielle and hurricane earl. and this is a tropical wave that's got a big potential of becoming or next tropical depression. more favorable conditions out ahead of the storm. that's something we'll watch in the days ahead. the number one concern at this hour, happens to be what's happening along the u.s. atlantic coast beaches. we've got some very high surf as well as the threat of rip currents, there are a number of rescues that took place this
5:34 pm
weekend, because of the large swells. danielle will be weakening, pulling away from the u.s. so the only thing we'll be dealing with are the big waves tonight. now next down the pike is hurricane earl. this is now a category one storm with winds of 85 miles per hour, that's up from 75 earlier in the day. moving through the lesser antilles right now and there are hurricane watches, as well as tropical storm warnings for both the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico. while the storm is expected to move to the north of there, it will have big impacts in terms of torrential downpours, we'll likely see some power outages and maybe some weaker buildings that aren't constructed very well could get some damage. here you can see the forecast path. we're concerned about the u.s. coast. whether or not we get a direct hit is still too early to tell. let's start out here to the south. you can see it's going to be making a northwesterly turn at the closest approach to the u.s. coastline, we'll be looking at maybe thursday, as a major hurricane. look at this, cape hatteras, all
5:35 pm
the way up into parts of the canadian maritimes. in that cone of uncertainty. even if we don't get a direct hit here on thursday, i think some of the outer bands could be affecting north carolina and it will make another brush near the cape as we head into friday. holiday weekend, fredricka. so even if we don't get landfall, we're concerned about people going into the waters, because we'll have the risk of rip currents and really big waves coming thursday, friday, and right into sunday as well. >> and people like to make this their last hurray for the summer. a lot of people will be at risk by simply being there and indulging in the big waves. thanks so much, jacqui jeras. all right meantime let's talk, i didn't ask you about what that weather is like on the west coast because it's emmy time. but i guess they don't really care, they'll be inside, anyway. but they've got to walk the red carpet and our brooke anderson from "showbiz tonight" is there,
5:36 pm
looking ever so lovely. and i see the sunshine, so no concerns about rain dampening the spirits there. >> that's right, fredricka. it's a beautiful day here for the primetime emmy awards. and everybody is excited. i see joel mchale right here. can you pan over? >> wow. >> everyone is arriving for the primetime emmy awards. i want to note this, as much as everybody loves and adoris perennial favorites like "mad men" and "30 rock." there seems to be a push here to showcase new shows and fresh faces. "30 rock" goes head to head with three new shows that have exploded in popularity with viewership in their very first seesens. "glee" and those shows have been nominated in the individual
5:37 pm
acting category, save for ed o'neil from "modern family." "mad men" has won best drama for the past two years running but critics are very high on "lost." and critics love cbs new show, "the good wife." who stars juliana who used to czar with george clooney on "e.r." for years and years. juliana also nominated in the lead actress in a drama category. and fredricka, i've got to get to this. in a not so subtle dig, at that dedebacle of the "tonight show" with jay leno, conan o'brien was nominated for his short stint on the "tonight show." but he'll be hard-pressed to beat jon stewart who has won for the past 50 years, i'm kidding.
5:38 pm
but he has won for the past seven years running. if conan wins he'll have to be careful in his acceptance speech, what he says about his former bosses. if he's accurate he can get away with it legally. but his severance deal is keeping a tight leash on conan today. >> and particularly awkward if jay leno is in the house. and we don't know if he will be. >> right. i hope they'll hug it out, if he's here. >> well you know, l.a. as big as it is, can become very, very small and especially when you've got an awards show like the one tonight. so brooke anderson, thanks so much. appreciate that. we'll check back with you throughout the evening. coming up next, some of the hottest videos, the viral videos on the internet. josh levs, a little preview? >> we've got something like that going. you've got to see this dog. it's not just humans that enjoy watching emmy-nominated tv programs. look at this dog, chillaxing.
5:39 pm
what she is watching and what show she refuses to be interrupted during. i'll going to have that for you. >> the remote is under the paw? >> she's just got to crack open a bud. >> just chillaxing. >> i've also got sports stars and an airline safety video and a pop tune that is an ode to facebook, fred. too huge. too huge. all up next.
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5:42 pm
a look at the top stories right now. 8500 pounds of ground beef have been recalled because it may be tainted with e. coli. federal officials say the meat was produced by cargill meat solutions. it was sold in eight northeast and mid-atlantic states. packages have an establishment code of 9400 and a use or freeze by date of july 1st. so far, there have been three confirmed cases of e. coli infections linked to the recalled meat. and officials in chile say 33 trapped miners may soon be able to talk directly to their family members. for the first time. a communication line is being set up today, and tomorrow, officials plan to start drilling
5:43 pm
a rescue shaft. that could take three months. officials are also considering another plan, widening the shaft that they are using right now to transport supplies to the miners. and that plan could cut the rescue time in half. and for the u.s. gulf coast, a tale of recovery and rebuilding. president obama was in new orleans earlier today, to help mark five years since hurricane katrina slammed ashore. the storm killed more than 1700 people. and devastated countless communities. the president promises his administration will stand with those communities until they are back on fair feet. >> lots of weird and wild stuff on the internet. i cannot wait to see the dog on the sofa. that kills me. >> stuff like that. that's normal and the rest of us had no idea. it's so an throw pthropomorphic.
5:44 pm
there's the remote. let me tell you about this dog, her name is bullet. apparently she likes to hang on the sofa, watch a little telly. and her favorite show is "family guy." which has an animated dogth and apparently, do not dare interrupt her during that show or she'll give it back to you. >> apparently she can't take it. she, it's so a person sitting there. look at that. >> i love it. >> reach over for the beer. >> who you looking at? you looking at me? >> the word on -- she's like, what, what? what exactly -- >> that's cute. >> i love all things dog, so i'm sold on that one. >> we're going to have a little more dog for you coming up. we've got a bunch of good doggie stuff today. take a look at these guys, dunking a basketball.
5:45 pm
these guys are jumping off the deck and the roof. >> what? >> these young guys, they have this i believe it's in mission hee yeah hoe. >> mere they're a little envious of the little girl. you can see it on the web, a 5-year-old girl who was lifted up in the air and dunked it incredibly. all of these dunking contest the online. these guys -- >> look at these clips. >> they're just wild. >> they're having way too much fun. >> wild and impressive. in now a little different impressive video. take a look at this video onnireport. it's a time-lapsed video at the indiana state fair. this guy set up his camera and just kept it going. that's really cool to see night arrive. >> traffic in that joint. >> i was reading about the indiana state fair before we came on the air, i read they got
5:46 pm
justin bieber and drake this year. >> these things are big. >> our jacqui jeras said i don't think i've been to an official state fair. >> i've been to fairs before but not the one that's the state fair. >> the only state fair i remember going to at least as a child, maryland state fair. it was more kind of farm animals. it didn't look as jazzed as that. with the neon lights and all that. >> they went all out, this is awesome. now you know how nobody actually watches the in-flight videos with planes and all the safety information. you kind of tune out, you're like i've heard it before. maybe they should take a page out of air new zealand. look what they've done here. they took rugby stars and took them along with major rugby fans and actual pilots into their videos in order, it's all themed on the 2011 rugby world cup. which is in new zealand.
5:47 pm
so air new zealand is capitalizing on that and at the same time getting people to actually watch this thing. >> that will work, you can see how people would be intrigued, saying, they're the nonpredictable kind of players. >> why didn't a u.s. airline think of that? >> maybe they'll follow suit now. okay, i promised more doggies. this is your adorable video of the week. although chillaxing bulldog was cute. this is adorable. this a compilation of dogs eat ice cream. people go wild for this thing. this is earlesque you're seeing right now. look at that little dog. >> i'm like, you know all the stuff that you're seeing before the days of youtube. >> you're not a dog person. and now i'm like, darn, all this cool stuff that makes youtube. >> i should have put mine out. >> that's cute. i know, i love seeing a dog eating ice cream.
5:48 pm
it's just too hilarious. >> you're not going to share the container with your dog. >> our producer just said nasty. >> no, it's the dog's own personal container of ice cream. >> you don't take a spoonfool? >> it's what dog people do. moving on. a new pop tune that is an ode to facebook. take a look. ♪ ♪ it's a huge viral hit, even though it's turkish. this is a turkish pop star, articles that this is even more enjoyable than looking at the facebook movie that's coming up. a reviewer said i have no idea what's going on but it's awesome, nonetheless. it appears to take place in two ikea showrooms. are they using web tv? i'm not sure but i'm not ruling it out. i read the lyrics --
5:49 pm
>> oh, but they're pretty. and he's apparently courting someone or is -- using facebook and his nice living room. >> this is the first hot facebook song in existence. >> they're pretty and showing some new dance moves. >> and this is a perfect transition to where all of our links for viral video rewind at my facebook page. all the virals i just showed you and more. viral video rewind. we always love that, thank you, josh. >> dog power. more after this.
5:50 pm
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basic.? preferred. okay. at meineke i have options, and 50% off brake pads and shoes. my money. my choice. my meineke. five years ago today, hurricane katrina came ashore on the u.s. gulf coast, wiping out entire neighborhoods and tearing lives and families apart. cnn's anderson cooper finds out what happened to one of those familieses. >> reporter: katrina, in its wake, untold personal tragedies, lives lost, lives turned upside down. from the waters of lake pontchartrain to the streets of biloxi, mississippi, residents are struggling to rebuild. >> everything different down here. used to feel like home.
5:53 pm
it don't. >> reporter: this is what hardy jackson has returned home to. >> don't make sense. too much. i tried to save -- >> reporter: it's here five years ago his own life was torn apart. his grief captured by our cnn affiliate wkrg hours after the hurricane waters receded. >> who was at your house with you? >> my wife. >> reporter: where is she now? >> can't find her body. she gone. i'm lost. that's all i had. that's all i had. >> reporter: hardy and his wife rode out katrina and were at first forced into their attic. he managed to climb onto this tree when their home imploded. >> she came with a big wave. i reached out and grabbed her hand. i looked at her and i told her, please, hold on. please hold op. >> reporter: but she couldn't hold on. their last moments together, they prayed and hardiy eied agr
5:54 pm
to one final promise. >>. >> she said, you take hold. take care of the kids and grandkids. i begged god, please don't take my wife. please don't. >> reporter: five years have not eased hardy jackson's sorrow. >> they say my wife's body gone to the bay. nothing i can do. make me feel less than a man. it do. it makes me feel less than a man. many times i woke up, i wish it was a dream. >> reporter: since the storm, hardy jackson has had some good fortune. frankie beverly of the r & b group mays purchased this home for him. hardy, along with two of his kids and three grandchildren now live in palmetto, georgia, a suburb of atlanta. >> lord, thank you for everything you did for everything and keeping us together. lord, thank you, amen. >> amen.
5:55 pm
>> amen. >> reporter: for hardy's daughter tony, the pain is still overwhelming. >> i'm just glad that we still have our dad with us, even though we don't have our mom. he makes sure that anything we need, no matter what it is, he tries his best and his hardest to make sure that we get it. >> reporter: beyond the emotional toll, tinette's jackson's death has been a huge financial hardship. hardy's been on sdabl for more than a decade but without income, his family is struggling. he talked to cnn's don lemon. >> i lost my whole social security check to get my water back on and stuff. >> reporter: no lights and no water. >> lights like today, clothes, sometimes i need to get them shoes. just hard without tawny.
5:56 pm
you going to be okay? >> yeah, i'm going to have to be okay. i'm going to have to. look around at what i got. >> and this program note, don't miss our one-hour cnn documentary, it follows katrina's progression into a devastating category 5 hurricane and then details the suffering of the people who are victimized by the storm's sudden fury, tonight at 8:00 p.m. coming up next reporting from new orleans, don lemon will bring us the personal story of how one man-made -- such one man made such a difference to a community destroyed and isolated by katrina, plus the latest on the handov in iraq. [ female announcer ] multigrain pops.
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